Five Things You Can Do to Help Recover From a House Fire

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When you are faced with the loss of your home in a house fire, there are five important things you can do to help you recover faster. First, lock up your home. Not only is this important in the event of a home fire, but it also protects you from thieves and vandals. Lock up your valuables and make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked. It’s also essential to contact a trusted neighbor or family member to give you a place to stay.

Give a loved one or neighbor a safe place to stay

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, providing a safe place to stay after a fire is a good idea. If you have kids, this can be especially complicated. It’s important to provide a safe room, preferably one that doesn’t move. If you’re staying with a loved one, you should ask them to take special care of your loved one, especially if he or she has dementia. If necessary, you should ask your loved one to call 911 and request help.

Another important consideration is the safety of children and pets. If you have pets, it’s important to keep them close to the front door and indoors. It’s also important to keep children and elderly family members indoors. Wild animals may escape the fire, and they may be hungry, thirsty, or tired.

Clean socks and underwear

It is easy to forget items like socks and underwear, but they are essential to keeping your body warm and comfortable. It can also keep you from getting sick. You can find a spare pair of socks or underwear in the laundry. Wash them in warm water (80 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill bacteria. Use a good detergent. One recommended brand is Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray.

Provide a safe place to stay

House fires are traumatic events, and ensuring you have a safe place to stay during this time is vital. You may have to move quickly to secure temporary housing. You may also need to have your house cleaned. It’s also important to ensure that your family and pets are safe.

If possible, contact your insurance agency for instructions. They will give you detailed instructions on how to evacuate your home safely. Be sure to check all exits, especially for people with disabilities. Also, make sure to make digital copies of important documents and make sure that you sleep with your bedroom door closed.

Once the fire is out, make sure you find a place where you and your family can stay for a few days. Even if it’s a small fire, cleaning the soot, smoke, ash, and burned materials is an essential step. Smoke and other particles from the fire can be toxic and can cause respiratory threats if inhaled in large amounts.

Protect yourself from a house fire

During a fire, it’s essential to protect yourself as best you can. Never enter a burning house without putting on protective gear. You should also be aware of the dangers of touching hot surfaces, such as doors or windows. Try to open doors slowly, and check for smoke before entering another room. When possible, plan two ways to exit each room. If you can, crawl out of the burning room, or leave through a window or balcony. If you can’t get out of a room, hang a sheet or blanket over a window or balcony and signal for help.

If you have home insurance, contact your provider for instructions on how to evacuate your home in case of a fire. If you don’t, draw a floor plan of your house, and mark two ways out of every room. In addition, make digital copies of important documents. If you have children, make sure they know two ways to exit every room and know where the nearest emergency exit is.

Protect your home from theft, vandalism and inclement weather

There are several easy ways to protect your home from theft, vandalism and the elements, including inclement weather. One way is to keep your valuables hidden away. For example, if you place Christmas presents underneath your Christmas tree, move the tree away from the windows and close the drapes. If you leave these gifts out, thieves can easily see them and steal them. Also, keep all packaging inside until you recycle it. After that, shred the boxes and receipts so they cannot be recovered by thieves.

Another way to protect your home from theft is by installing a closed-circuit television system. This kind of system monitors your home around the clock and can record images of burglars. This can help law enforcement recover stolen items. This type of security system is particularly helpful around the holidays, when home burglaries are on the rise.

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